About us

The Contractor 24 Story

At Contractor24 we've got you covered! We are your one stop quick fix site here to assist with all of your building, renovation and maintenance needs. Whether you need help with your residential, commercial or industrial project we make it simple and easy with just a few clicks. We are here to close the gap between home and business owners, developers, contractors and building companies. 


We at Contractor24 understand the frustration of finding a reputable contractor to assist with your next big project. We are here to give you piece of mind and take the frustration away with our obligation-free quotes offered from a variety of vetted contractors. Our background in the construction industry has given us years of hands on experience with many of the reputable Service Providers listed on our site which enables us to provide you with only the best expertise in each field. 

We ensure that all of our subcontractors are sufficiently vetted before they are allowed to advertise on our site.  We personally visit their current job sites to inspect their work as well as speak to previous clients to discuss their service standards and the efficiency of their work. 

About the Founders

As a Quantity Surveyor with 10 years experience in the construction industry I have first hand expertise in dealing with contractors and building personal relationships with them. This gives us an extra edge in ensuring that the contractors we offer are reliable, efficient and provide high quality work and after service care to you. This website is a great way to bring reliable services to the public as well as supporting local businesses. 

Working in the property industry for the last 6 years has shown me the huge need in the market for this offering. Moving into a new home can be stressful! Especially if you don't know where to turn to get things done. This can become a very tiresome job and that is why I wanted to offer a solution. This site is here to assist in making the process simple, cost effective and efficient.

We've got you covered!