Frequently asked questions

Is Contractor24 offering the listed services themselves?


No, Contractor24 does not offer the services themselves. We are purely a platform to allow you to get in touch with various reputable contractors efficiently with the least amount of hassle. 


How can I receive multiple quotes from various providers on the service I require?

By clicking request a quote on the company am email will automatically be sent to the company selected asking them to contact you. This can be done quickly by selecting a few companies. They will then contact you to discuss the job required and can provide you with a quote which you can compare with each other. 

Is there a way I can rate the contractor once my requested job is completed?


Yes, once you have used one of our service providers we would love to hear from you! You can simply navigate to the page listing the company used and click on a 5 star rating. Should any of our providers receive anything under a 4 star we will contact them to discuss their service standards and should it not be rectified we will not allow them to renew their contract with us. 

Does Contractor24 offer a service guarantee on the service providers listed?


We do not offer a service guarantee however we ensure that all of our contractors are sufficiently vetted before they are allowed to advertise on our site. We personally visit their current job sites to inspect their work as well as speak to previous clients to discuss their service standards and the efficiency of their work. 

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